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Pneumatic assembly press used for the assembly and built-in inspection of small components. 
It has a built-in load cell and measuring device used in creating the logic for detection of proper
assembly.  It includes ergonomic safety controls.

Cycle testing equipment used for longevity testing.  Used for preset automatic
cycle testing of assembled components

Special application testing equipment built to suit specific applications.
This equipment contains up to date electronics including a control touch
screen and data reader.

This machine is a reverse engineered automatic cycle hinge tester. 
It is used to simulate accelerated wear testing on car door hinges.
Built with a  chart reader.

This equipment was designed and built as a part of a two-step production
of automotive copper hair pins.  Lacquer-coated wire was introduced and
straightened passing through a rotary scraping unit, then feeding through
a pneumatic die leaving nail points on the wire ends. 

The next operation consisted of the forming of the knuckle bend in the wire. 
They are used for the wiring of small motors.

This portable testing unit was built to test the torque on a clutch
bearing assembly cell.

Hydraulic expanding assembly arbor used in precision assembly of
electro motor cores.

Hydraulic broach machine used to rectify and align a lamination
stack that makes up a motor armature.




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