The following pictures depict some of the machinery and equipment we have designed and built over the years.

They were all designed for a specific use (purpose), greatly enhancing the specific task they were intended for.  We continually
meet and frequently exceed the required specifications set at the beginning of each project.  The equipment ranges from low
tech manual/semi-automatic to PLC controlled manual/fully automatic functioning. 

We are knowledgeable in electronic measurement motion control, load cells, pneumatics and hydraulics.  The equipment we
build would include but are not limited to the following:


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Automated sorting and packaging equipment used to sort misformed or damaged flanged  bearings.
Capable of self feeding and automated counting of parts.

Vibrating bowl tooling and gauging for specific applications with built-in blow offs

Assembly jig build for manual wiring of alternator coils

Fabrication of custom production parts chute with logic controls, used in gating defective parts

Custom fabricated parts chute used to load specified quantities into individual boxes

This portable pneumatic press was built for flexibility. It was designed with three different
interchangeable dies used for forming and assembly of wire products.

Automatic forming and cut-to-length machinery.  This equipment was designed and
built to precisely cut to length and form stranded picture wire for individual kit packaging.

Table top pneumatic press used for manual or automatic shearing of light gage strip steel. 
It has a built-in pneumatic air feed coupled with a built-in die used to shear to length.
The die head can swivel from 0 to 45 degrees to give a biased cut.  Enclosed with polycarbonate safety enclosure.

This is a portable cart designed and built to safely disassemble, rotate, and maintain film
extrusion molds. Safely holds and handles individual halves during maintenance.




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