With the combination of a modern tool room facility, equipment, and highly skilled tool and die makers, we are able to stay
in control of our quality and lead times. 

Almost all of our production stamping is based on JIT to better serve our customers, leading to the improvement in speed,
quality, and cost.  At Altech Machine & Tool, continuous improvements are a part of our culture. 

We pride ourselves in the ability to continually come up with innovative ideas…



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Assorted metal stampings used in electrical timing devices, dental floss dispensers, battery terminals, snap lock hinges,
and venetian blind brackets.

Shown here are heavy duty steel staples, 1095 spring steel clips and a stainless steel disposable needle plate used in medical clinics.

Motor laminations used to manufacture the armatures used in electrical motors. They are typically stamped out of cold rolled steel or electrical steel.

These parts are internal components used for the locking mechanism used inside a combination lock with three tumblers. Most widely used in briefcase locks.

These parts are components used in venetian blind track assemblies, luggage hinges, and clips used in store clothes hangers.

These are metal stamped teethed clips used in the assembly of the straps on patio furniture strapping. Also shown is a bracket for adjustable racks.


These parts are for electrical components used for timing devices. The long thing parts are used as electrical spring contacts.

Shown here are stamped parts
made of special composite materials
 with metal bracket PTFE laminates.
They are used for maintenance
 free plain bearings.




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